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  • Royce: Could you please turn off the refrigeration; you're freezing my charm as a great designer!
  • Neva: Master, like I said I'm only your assistant. I'm not an appropriate choice to be your model. It is beyond my duty.
  • Royce: You're driving me crazy!!
  • Royce: If you didn't follow me everywhere and scare everyone away with your coldness, I'd have the chance to convince beautiful ladies to be my model!
  • Neva: Master, I was just fulfilling my duty to protect you. It's not like I want to be traveling with you.
  • Neva: Besides, you were already upset the moment you saw me.
  • Royce: If that's the case, stop following me so you can return and complete your task!
  • Neva: But Master, my mission is to bring you back.
  • Nikki: The relationship between them seems very tense...
  • Royce: Lovely young lady... Don't you think we should seize the opportunity and compete again?
  • Momo: He changed moods in a split second... Do all handsome guys do that?... I should warn Nikki to be careful...
  • Royce: Nikki, this time the design will be Cute and Warm Winter outfit.
  • Royce: Come to think of it, we can swap gifts for Christmas if we aren't too far away from each other at that time.


There is no concluding dialogue.