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  • Nikki: I didn't expect there to be so many fantastic nations in Miraland. The modern and fashionable Apple Federation, the magnificent eastern Cloud Empire, the cute and fairy-like Lilith Kingdom, the primitive and wild Republic of Wasteland, and also the cold but stern Northern Kingdom. They're all amazing!
  • Bobo: You forgot the nation of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion-the Pigeon Kingdom!
  • Momo: The booth ahead is the Pigeon Kingdom one right? They look...imposing.
  • Bobo: Humph, only because of Queen Elle of the Pigeon Kingdom. She won the championship in the Nine-Day War and took two of King Sayet's finest works.
  • Bobo: After her succession she founded the Iron Rose, demanding precious clothing from everywhere. They can be quite imposing!
  • Nikki: Look at their model. Isn't that Vivi?
  • Momo: Last time Vivi said she was going to a modeling interview. Looks like she made it! Vivi!!
  • Vivi: Momo? It's good to see you guys again! Nikki, thanks to you, my modeling interview at the the Tea Party went really well.
  • Nikki: That's because you worked so hard! Are these clothes Pigeon Kingdom outfits? So gorgeous!
  • Vivi: The Pigeon Kingdom style is sacred and magical. Most people are adept at retro and gorgeous styling.
  • Vivi: So in the afternoon when I meet my supervisor, I shall dress up in my classy lady outfit. I want to seize the opportunity and become a formal employee, Nikki...!
  • Nikki: No worries! I will help you!


There is no concluding dialogue.