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  • Bobo: Since Nikki is interested in various nations across the land, how about I introduce her to their different design styles?
  • Momo: Bobo! Which nation has the best grilled fish?!
  • Lunar: Fish grilled on good charcoal fire will have a better taste. I believe the charcoal from the North Kingdom should satisfy your need.
  • Nikki: Woah, Lunar actually answered Momo's boring question...
  • Momo: Lunar you are my goddess! Let's go check out the North Kingdom stylist's booth!
  • Northern Stylist: Hi there, I'm Kane, a designer from the North Kingdom.
  • Nikki: Hi Kane, I'm Nikki. We're from the Cloud Empire booth on the opposite side. We just wanted to check out your booth.
  • Nikki: Wow! The North Kingdom must be really cold, your garments are all so heavy
  • Kane: The North Kingdom is a nation far in the north that worships the army and combat. It's just like a solemn military base.
  • Kane: It's known as 'The arctic country bathed in storm and fire'. So most of us are accustomed to a warm and neutral style.
  • Momo: Northsky, coldsky, militarysky! Somehow it seems right that way.
  • Kane: Nikki, will you try to challenge the North style? I'd appreciate the chance to interact with you.
  • Nikki: Sure of course!


There is no concluding dialogue.