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Opening: Edit

  • Bobo: Huh? Just one minute passed and Nikki is already gone. Where did she go?
  • Momo: The manga artist Annabel just popped up out of nowhere and dragged her to an interview...
  • Bobo: Interview?! That artist who is drawing the love story between a stylist and a designer?
  • Momo: That's her. She said Nikki was her Muse, so she wanted to take this opportunity to interview her properly.
  • Nikki: We're back!
  • Bobo: That was fast. What were you talking about? Did you mention the stylist's adorable and wise companion?!
  • Annabel: Actually, I was more curious about whether she had encountered any handsome designers and stuff like that.
  • Annabel: It's a pity that Nikki's Cupid seems to be missing. You should work harder! Now I'm heading to the Republic of Wasteland booth for materials!
  • Nikki: What kind of nation is the Republic of Wasteland?
  • Bobo: It's a nation built in the southern wilderness, with an archaic and untamed style.
  • Bobo: People there are good at tribal aboriginal styles; it's an ancient civilization in the wilderness.
  • Annabel: Yeah! That's where I arranged for the hero and heroine to meet each other.
  • Annabel: Imagine this. Okay...on the exotic grassland the heroine in untamed bold traditional clothes is standing in the beautiful sunset...
  • Nikki: Wonderful scene...Now I really want to try an outfit like that!
  • Nikki: I think I can reference the Bohemian style!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

After this stage is passed, Volume 2 opens up for the player to begin.

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