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  • Momo: People are gathering around because of Nikki's excellent styling! Lunar's booth is getting pretty busy.
  • Bobo: I'm curious about what kind of interesting people we will meet from now on. More single available handsome men please!
  • Momo: Bobo is daydreaming again...
  • Timi: Hi! Nikki, Momo and Bobo, it's really you!
  • Nikki: Timi! Ah I know, you're here to study with your senior right?
  • Timi: Aw don't make fun of me! When we were in the Rose Garden we heard that there was an outstanding girl stylist in the square booth.
  • Timi: I guessed it must be you! To be acquainted with a future master stylist! I feel so happy!
  • Bobo: Watching you and your senior happily in love makes us feel happy as well!
  • Timi: It's not like that...I haven't told him my feelings...
  • Momo: What! It's the fifth chapter already, and Timi still hasn't confessed to her love!!
  • Timi: Right, I hope to take it slow with him.
  • Timi: Oh ya, our theme this time is the traditional student uniform. Come practice with me, Nikki!


There is no concluding dialogue.