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  • Bai Jinjin: Nikki, thank you so much. You saved me and Zhong Lizi!
  • Zhong Lizi: Thanks for the help, everyone. To tell you the truth, Bai Jinjin and I eloped, which is why we were being followed by that ninja.
  • Nikki: From what the ninja said, I already guessed the reason. Are you running away because Bai Jinjin's father doesn't approve of your relationship?
  • Zhong Lizi: Yes, I was planning to leave alone and return one day when I became successful.
  • Zhong Lizi: However, on the day I was leaving, I opened the door and saw this silly girl carrying her luggage and waiting in the yard.
  • Zhong Lizi: That's when I started to think: for such an awesome girl I must do everything I can to give her the amazing life she deserves.
  • Momo: Bobo, I know my fur is soft and fluffy, but don't use ME to wipe your tears ok?!
  • Bai Jinjin: Alright, no more crying! It's so good to know you all!
  • Bai Jinjin: But we can't stay here for too long, for she may change her mind any minute. Zhong Lizi and I are leaving now.
  • Bai Jinjin: If we ever have the chance, I'd like to treat you, my good friends, to the best restaurant in Cloud Empire!
  • Nikki: Didn't expect to witness such a blessed couple...The two lovebirds overcame so many obstacles, and have stayed together so bravely.
  • Royce: So pretty girl, do you want to experience an amazing love story as well?
  • Momo: Where did this guy come from?! I'm gonna have a heart attack!
  • Nikki: Royce? Are you taking part in the contest too?
  • Nikki: Wait, is this the girl from back in the alley? Why is she here too?
  • Royce: Um-hmm, I am also a remarkable designer.
  • Royce: And this is Neva, my uh...stylist, though I think she might scare away the audience of my booth...
  • Rocye: But for the sake of our unlikely reunion, let's compete once again! The lovely Nikki versus the icy maid Neva, begin!


There is no concluding dialogue.