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Opening: Edit

  • Lunar: Let's go ask the staff of the restaurant near the square entrance. Bai Jinjin would certainly pass by there if she ran away.
  • Bobo: The waiter just stopped us! I'm so angry!
  • Nikki: What happened? Did they see Bai Jinjin?
  • Zhong Lizi: The waiter said that he saw a girl in tears who went to the back alley behind the kitchen with her friend twenty minutes ago.
  • Zhong Lizi: But for some strange reason, the alley is currently blocked. The only way to enter it is through the kitchen.
  • Bobo: But that waiter just won't let us through! Said that it's 'employees only'!
  • Nikki: Let me take a peek and see what she looks like. Maybe we can disguise ourselves as waiters and waitresses and sneak in!
  • Momo: Under my guidance Nikki is becoming smarter and smarter!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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