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  • Lady Kimi: Nikki, what do you think of stylists?
  • Nikki: Um, after so much styling practice, I've come to the conclusion that it's not merely about having a good appearance,
  • Nikki: it's...well, it's also about helping people to face everything with a more enthusiastic, positive image!
  • Lady Kimi: She is great indeed...Ahem.
  • Lady Kimi: The best stylist can extract the unique charm from each work infused by any designer, enable the wearer to feel the magic of the clothing, and help them face their life with more confidence.
  • Nikki: Whoa...I wish I could become that good a stylist!
  • Masked Woman: My, my. Very impressive! How about you surrender all your designs to me?
  • Lunar: What do you want? These are all my designs! You have no right to take them!
  • Nikki: Who are you? Why are you stealing people's designs? These are the fruits of Lunar's hard work. If you need designs, go make some yourself!
  • Masked Woman: You are all talk. Defeat me, or just hand over the designs like a good kid if you can't!
  • Nikki: Sure!
  • Momo: Nikki, she looks like a very skilled agent. Be careful for her surprise attacks!


There is no concluding dialogue.