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  • Bobo: How long will it take to finish baking? I'm starving!
  • Momo: Look! 'Yummy Pizza Two for One! Delivery within 10 mins!' I want it! I want it!
  • Nikki: Momo, where did you get that restaurant leaflet?
  • Momo: Doesn't matter! Let's order takeout now!
  • Momo: Later, we can eat grilled fish pizza with cake. Ah, that would be the life!
  • Bobo: I agree with Momo!
  • (Ten minutes later)
  • Nikki: Momo, Bobo, come on! The pizzas are here! -Hi, thanks. This is the payment for the grilled fish pizzas.
  • Pizzagirl Charbes: Good, but you have to compete with my styling before you can have the other pizza!
  • Momo: What?! We're starving here!
  • Momo: And why is a pizza delivery person challenging us to a contest?! I wanna file a complaint!
  • Pizzagirl Charbes: Sorry, look at the small print here. You have to defeat the delivery man in a styling contest to enjoy the promotion!
  • Bobo: Nikki, our pizza is counting on you! Do not forget the western restaurant standard apron!

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There is no concluding dialogue.