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Opening: Edit

  • Lunar: I have to admit, every time I see Nikki styling, I have this urge to come up with a better design.
  • Lunar: Nikki can always show the best side of clothes.
  • Bobo: I get so pumped every time the results of Nikki's dress up battles are released!
  • Momo: Nikki, are you beginning to fall in love with this world like I am?
  • Nikki: Yeah! We've met a lot of nice people around here!
  • Nikki: Well, besides Bobo and Lunar, there was also Toto, Timi, Lisa, Vivi, Sofia and Annabel...they all triggered my passion for styling and design.
  • Nikki: Though I still don't understand why the Lilith Queen summoned me. I really want to spend more time here!
  • Bobo: Lunar, the last two times is was your model who wore your designs. How about you try it on yourself this time? Compete with Nikki with your ultimate work!
  • Momo: I know, I know! Choose the beautiful celestial Han outfit as the theme. Lunar and Nikki look best in Han outfits!
  • Lunar: Sure, I've improved the one I made in Wheat Field. I'll try it on again.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Journey Stages
Chapter 1 Arriving the Wheat Field
Chapter 2 Fairy Tale World Lilith
Chapter 3 'Witch and Star Sea'
Chapter 4 The Tea Party
Chapter 5 Mutated Tea Party
Chapter 6 Flower Field Encounter
Chapter 7 Celestial Pavilion
Chapter 8 Mysterious Moonlit City
Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude
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