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Opening: Edit

  • Neva: Master, I suggest you reconsider; I may not be a proper choice.
  • Royce: Listen, Neva, with you right beside me how could I have any chance to flirt with pretty women and ask them to be my model?
  • Royce: These are problems caused by you, so you are obligated to fix them!
  • Neva: So you want me to model all your designs?
  • Royce: Of course! But not those that are overly sexy...
  • (The other side of rose garden)
  • Bobo: Lunar's model and design are great, but Nikki's are better!
  • Nikki: I love Lunar's design; you should try your best in the Tea Party!
  • Momo: How about we team up? Lunar for the design part, Nikki for the styling, it's perfect!
  • Lunar: That's a good idea!!
  • Bobo: I love working as a team! Watch us outperform everyone at Hillside Square, ha ha!
  • Momo: Grilled Fish Team assemble!
  • Lunar: Nikki, I have another design, it's a medical team nurse uniform.
  • Lunar: I invited a local Wintermount girl named Orange to be my model. Compete with her to see what I can do about the design.
  • Nikki: Sure! Hey Orange, we meet again!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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