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  • Momo: Are we leaving for Hillside Square now?
  • Bobo: Yes, there should be lots of prominent young designers coming to Wintermount. We cannot miss a grand event like this!
  • Nikki: Look over there. Is that Lunar in Han Chinese Clothing?
  • Momo: It really is the silhouette of a goddess!
  • Bobo: Lunar!!
  • Lunar: Ah, Bobo, Nikki, and Momo! It's really nice to run into you here! Well, didn't you go to Cicia?
  • Nikki: Yes, we went to the Theater and visited the Design School. Now we are attending the Designer's Tea Party!
  • Bobo: What about you, Lunar? Coming to join the contest too?
  • Lunar: I am here to present my new design. Nikki, can you help me compare it to the design of the Pigeon Kingdom dress?
  • Nikki: Of course! But what is the style of the Pigeon Kingdom?
  • Momo: I know this one! Must be part of the land under the control of Iron-and-Blood Queen Elle.
  • Momo: The Pigeon kingdom is similar to Europe during the Renaissance. People around here excel at sophisticated fantasy style.
  • Momo: It's a fantasy kingdom where elves, dwarves, humans and goblins live in harmony. Nikki, you can start from elegant and gorgeous classic style.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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