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  • Vivi: Nikki, do you remember me?
  • Nikki: Vivi! You came to Wintermount too? How was your interview?
  • Momo: Did I lose my memory?...
  • Bobo: Why are you pretending? Last time you harassed her in Wheat Field! Don't you remember?
  • Momo: How could I possibly harass someone else?? I was helping Lunar catch the thief!
  • Bobo: you do remember ha ha ha!
  • Vivi: I think the last job didn't suit me well, so I came here to apply for a modeling job at the Designer's Tea Party!
  • Nikki: Yeah, modeling is good. It's not that easy to find a suitable job after graduating.
  • Vivi: Yes! So I need your assistance! I ought to dress myself up as a mature model.
  • Vivi: Just a bit of natural elegance would be great. Please help me, Nikki!


There is no concluding dialogue.