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Opening: Edit

  • Yvette: So this is where the Prime Minister made his debut! It's so beautiful here!
  • Nidhogg: Are you interested in me?
  • Yvette: I...I'm only curious...I think the Prime Minister is great!
  • Nidhogg: There will be plenty of time for you to find out about me in the future. But for now, accompany me to the preparatory meeting for this contest.
  • (The other side of rose garden)
  • Momo: Toto is a real winner at life....that boy, he is totally a carbon copy of Cristian Gray!
  • Nikki: Watching these little love birds strolling in the rose garden, how sweet...
  • Momo: The emphasis being when we meet Toto next time, she might have another stud...
  • Nikki: We should wish her well. That could have been her Mr. Right this time!
  • Bobo: I think we should think about our own Mr. Rights first!
  • Bobo: We should hang around in the rose garden. Who knows, maybe we will meet some handsome guys here!
  • Nikki: That's true! The sun is a bit strong after midday. We'd better dress ourselves in thin and sunproof clothing.
  • Orange: Wait a minute, let us compete another round. I've got my sun hat. No way will I lose to you again!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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