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  • Bobo: You'll have to cross this path to get to the Tea Party. Go through this rose garden and we'll get to the Hillside Square.
  • Nikki: I've never seen such a huge rose garden, it's so romantic!
  • Momo: The introduction plate says that it was built in honor of Prime Minister Nidhogg's accomplishments.
  • Momo: Because when the Prime Minister was young, his final formal dress of roses won him the first prize and fame.
  • Bobo: Nikki, you also possess such unique and extraordinary skills! Try your best in this event!
  • Toto: Excuse me, is this the rose gar––Nikki! Bobo! Momo!
  • Momo: Let me guess, you switched to another zodiac sign today?
  • Toto: Momo, you're too smart for my questions! This time, it's the Leo CEO I met yesterday at the wine party.
  • Toto: Nikki, do you think I should be dressed plain and fresh?
  • Nikki: Well...I think it's better to work with the aura of the garden. Adding some tiny floral patterns would be good too!


There is no concluding dialogue.