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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: It's been a long time since I saw the sea. The breeze here feels so nice!
  • Bobo: Yeah, this is Wintermount, the second largest city in the Lilith Kingdom. As a cozy coastal city, its trade and tourism industries are quite advanced.
  • Bobo: Every year talented young designers gather at the Hillside Square to compete and meet each other!
  • Momo: I know, I know. Your idol that Harry guy started his business from here.
  • Bobo: That's Nidhogg the Prime Minister!! And he didn't 'start his own business', but instead he showcased his true talent!
  • Passerby Girl: Has anybody told you that you are a little too...noisy?
  • Nikki: We're so sorry. It's our first time in Wintermount and we are a little excited. Please forgive us.
  • Passerby Girl: Ah, newcomers. My name is Orange. You can talk to me if you need any help during your time in Wintermount.
  • Orange: Maybe you don't know yet, but it's currently monsoon season in Wintermount.
  • Orange: I suggest you put on clothes suitable for rainy days, which won't get wet easily.
  • Nikki: Yeah! Thank you so much!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

Completing this stage for the first time unlocks the Home feature.

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