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  • Nikki: Lunar, let us help; we can decorate the booth together!
  • Lunar: Sure. Thanks, guys! Um, Nikki, did your twin sister come here too?
  • Nikki: What?! I have no twin sister. Why do you ask that?
  • Lunar: Look at the neighboring booth. That lady near the scholar looks a lot like you.
  • Bobo: Let me see...WOW! Isn't that just Nikki with short hair?
  • Momo: So similar! Nikki, since when do you have such a classy twin sister?
  • Bai Jinjin: Hey guys. You've been looking at me for a while. May I ask if you want to compete with our designer?
  • Nikki: Hey, I'm Nikki. you think we look a bit similar?
  • Bai Jinjin: You do look like me with long hair. Ha ha...glad to meet you, I'm Bai Jinjin from the Cloud Empire. This must be fate.
  • Zhong Lizi: Bai Jinjin, why did you come to this booth?
  • Bai Jinjin: Zhong Lizi! They are from our neighboring booth. We can take this opportunity to compete with them! Nikki, shall we?
  • Nikki: Sure! Let's use your young girl outfit as the theme!


There is no concluding dialogue.