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  • Bobo: This entire exhibition is for wedding dress designs; they're so beautiful! What kind of person could design such a celestial wedding dress?
  • Nikki: This introduction plate reads 'Nidhogg's school year designs'.
  • Nikki: Nidhogg must be a great designer!
  • Bobo: It's the Prime Minister of the Lilith Kingdom!
  • Bobo: I only knew that he's a legend in the Miraland, but I had no idea that he was capable of such exquisite designs.
  • Momo: He's a legend?
  • Bobo: Yeah! The Prime Minister is from the North Kingdom, a nation far to the north. Its people are warlike and they worship their military.
  • Bobo: The north kingdom is the 'kingdom of storm and fire'. Totally different from the Lilith kingdom of our fairy tales.
  • Bobo: It is said that Nidhogg grew up very poor, but then, he impressed everyone at the Designer's Tea Party, and became one of Queen Nanari's designers.
  • Nikki: That sounds legendary!
  • Bobo: Yup! Though he's from the North, he's also the pride of the people of Lilith.
  • Bobo: But his works are rarely seen because he only serves the queen nowadays.
  • Bobo: Seeing his works has been an absolute honor. Nikki, let's compete at wedding dresses!


There is no concluding dialogue.