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  • Momo: Got you this time! You're caught! Surrender!
  • Lisa: Didn't expect you would come through the secret path in the machinery room. My mistake.
  • Bobo: Manager Lisa!! YOU'RE the Phantom Thief!?
  • Nikki: So when we snuck in here the first time, you were messing up the mechanism in the machinery room?
  • Lisa: You are so smart, Nikki.
  • Lisa: To accomplish the task, I planned the accident during the first show long in advance, and my sick leave today was also just an excuse so I could carry out this plot.
  • Lisa: Sigh, this time I failed my lord.
  • Nikki: Someone ordered you to do this?
  • Nikki: The minister's guards are already waiting at the door. Aren't you going to tell us who this person is?
  • Lisa: Someday you will understand all of this.
  • Lisa: But now, Nikki, I wish to compete with you one last time. So let's battle with today's Thief attire.


There is no concluding dialogue.