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  • Bobo: It's surprising that neither of you slept in. Let's ask the manager for VIP seats!
  • Nikki: Huh? I've been looking for ages, yet I don't see manager Lisa anywhere.
  • Nikki: It's the first public show of the new play. You'd think that she wouldn't be absent for this!
  • Momo: The director next door said that Manager Lisa fell sick, because she was so tired preparing for some big shot, who is coming to watch the performance.
  • Nikki: Lisa is sick?!
  • Bobo: Do you know who this big shot is?
  • Momo: Meow! Of course, I know; it's Prime Minister Nidhogg you were talking about. Manager Lisa is taking his visit so seriously!
  • Audience: I came in early and I happen to have some spare time for competition. So I'll chose you guys as my opponents!
  • Momo: Where did she come from? Freaked me out!
  • Nikki: Are you coming to see the play too? What are we competing over?
  • Audience: Well obviously formal dress for viewers of the show! In accordance with the elegant and fancy style of the Candy Witch and the Sea Star!


There is no concluding dialogue.