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  • Neva: Master, is your study tour just about taking baths in hot springs?
  • Royce: A stuffy person like you will never understand; only comfortable and pleasing enjoyment can trigger my boundless inspiration!
  • Neva: Master, so where should we go next to trigger your inspiration?
  • Royce: Eh...Obviously some place to showcase my masterpieces; the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount!
  • (At the other side of the hot spring)
  • Momo: Ahhhh... This is so good! Best choice Bobo has ever made!
  • Bobo: After a long day of walking around, a bath in the hot spring feels like heaven!
  • Nikki: I feel my body is going to float!
  • Momo: Please, no more challengers...
  • Toto: Nikki!! Momo!! Bobo!!
  • Momo: Please leave me alone...
  • Nikki: Hi Toto! Are you here to enjoy the hot spring as well?
  • Toto: Yep yep! Today I'm having a date here with an aquarius painter.
  • Toto: But he's not here yet. Nikki please help me design a set of pretty bathrobes!
  • Bobo: Awesome...
  • Momo: Wear a towel or a bathrobe!

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There is no concluding dialogue.