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  • Nidhogg: Why are you still upset?
  • Yvette: I was a disgrace to you...
  • Nidhogg: So that's why you've been frowning the whole trip. Are you trying to make everyone at the meeting think that I was bullying you?
  • Yvette: No...Not that...You've always looked after me and never once bullied me.
  • Nidhogg: Maybe I'll try it next time. Now hurry, pack up the files and come back with me.
  • (At the other side of the playground)
  • Nikki: I learned so much during this visit. The seniors have taught me a lot!
  • Bobo: Hey, you think that girl at the playground looks like Aron?
  • Momo: Looks like Aron? That IS Aron!
  • Aron: Are you calling me?!
  • Nikki: Aron! Are you having your PE class right now?
  • Aron: We're about to have a test. I'm practicing my running.
  • Aron: Since you're here, Nikki can you please help me with the style of my track suit? In our school what we wear for PE class will be graded!
  • Momo: This is the most shocking news I've heard in a while!


There is no concluding dialogue.