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  • Nikki: So this is the academy of design's artwork gallery! It's such a splendid building!
  • Bobo: All the classical works in the Designer's Tea Party will be exhibited here.
  • Momo: That Royce guy also said something about the Designer's Tea Party. He advised Nikki to take part in it.
  • Nikki: Want to go to Wintermount after the show ends? Maybe we will be on time for the party!
  • Bobo: You in the front! Wait!
  • Secretary Suit Lady: What...What's the matter?
  • Bobo: Don't be so nervous...
  • Bobo: I just think your suit is so distinguished, and seems to be high quality and tailor made!
  • Secretary Suit Lady: Of course, this is the Prime Minis- No, nothing.
  • Nikki: Prime Minister? You are the Prime Minister's secretary??
  • Secretary Suit Lady: I didn't say anything, I'm leaving!
  • Bobo: It's rare to see such distinguished formal wear. Could you please compete with Nikki? Ok It's settled!
  • Bobo: Oh by the way, what's your name?
  • Secretary Suit Lady: My name is Yvette, I'm a government employee of the Lilith Kingdom...
  • Bobo: What a coincidence! Nice to meet you. Let's be friends!


  • Prime Minister: You kept me waiting that long just for a production report?
  • Yvette: Sir, so...sorry! I was dragged into a competition by a student I met on the way, so...
  • Prime Minister: Did you win?
  • Yvette: ......Sorry, I .....
  • Prime Minister: If one does not have power he will be eliminated. Remember this and accompany me now to the conference.