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  • Strange Woman: Master, if you want to study here, I can handle the admission procedure for you at any time.
  • Strange Woman: But please go back with me first. You've been out traveling for too long.
  • Royce: Neva, how do you always find me!
  • Neva: Master, it is my duty to follow and protect you.
  • Royce: Please, please leave me alone! It's creepy...
  • Royce: How about you go around and look for some fun, try to find something interesting to warm your icy face.
  • Royce: As for me, I'll go on traveling, and I'll never expose you when we're back to report the mission. What say you?
  • Neva: Master, if I can't bring you with me then it will be my failure. I will not force you. I shall now head back to accept my punishment.
  • Royce: Stop right there! You accompany me to the Designer's Tea Party, and then I'll consider going back with you.
  • Royce: Don't take thing so hard and return to suffering alone.
  • (At the other side of the school)
  • Bobo: Kaja! Kaja's here! Oh, my maiden heart is thumping!
  • Momo: I'll give anyone who pulls this lunatic away one free bowl of my grilled fish.
  • Bobo: Don't you see how cool Kaja is dressed today? Meow-Fatty cat!
  • Kaja: Hi! How are you guys? It's nice to see you again. Eh...Why are they fighting?
  • Nikki: Hi! Hahaha that's just their way of expressing affection towards each other.
  • Bobo: No way!
  • Kaja: Ha! I came to this school today to help recruit new members for the band. But I don't think it's been very efficient so far.
  • Nikki: How about you try wearing some punk clothes? That should attract more attention.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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