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  • Bobo: Nikki actually beat the 'Star Sea'! You are an amazing stylist!
  • Nikki: I didn't know I could do it. Thank you for your support! Where are we going next?
  • Momo: Nikki you forgot already?! We are going to the Designer Drinking Party!!
  • Bobo: Momo you silly cat! It's the Designer's Tea Party! You might as well call it the Designer's Dine and Wine Disco club!
  • Nikki: Hahaha Momo must be hungry. It's getting late. Let's eat lunch before leaving for Wintermount.
  • Momo: Yes please! Lunch first! Tea later!
  • Momo: But you'd better put on some warm evening walking attire. Otherwise, you'll catch a cold.

Stage Opponent[]


There is no concluding dialogue.