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  • Sofia: Nikki, Momo, Bobo. I truly thank you for your help. Otherwise the 'Star Sea' would have been stolen.
  • Momo: Just repay us by treating us to a feast of grilled fish!
  • Bobo: I'm sorry, please ignore him!
  • Bobo: Can I get any signed photos from the hero?!
  • Nikki: Can we get to see the 'Star Sea'? Due to the accident, we didn't get a chance to see you in it!
  • Momo: I'm with Nikki! That dress has been a recurring theme for 2 chapters. It's even more priceless than grilled fish!
  • Sofia: Of course you can. But I also want to see if Nikki's recent effort has paid off.
  • Bobo: Nikki is super hard-working! We trained so much at the design school my legs hurt!
  • Sofia: Haha, no point talking about it. Facts speak louder than words. Nikki, you'd better beat the 'Star Sea' to prove yourself!
  • Nikki: Beat the 'Star Sea'?
  • Momo: Is that even possible?!


  • Sofia: (Watching Nikki and her friends leave)
  • Sofia: To be able to make progress towards your goal is a fortunate thing.
  • Sofia: So what's my goal? How long can a heir of the Phantom Thief family be dancing on the stage?...