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  • Yvette: Prime Minister, it's too dangerous here, please leave as soon as possible!
  • Nidhogg: What are you worrying about? My guards are here. You think I'm unable to protect you?
  • Yvette: ...Ah...No, that's not what I meant...
  • Nidhogg: Follow me. Don't get pushed away by the crowd.
  • (At the other end of the theater)
  • Director: Nikki, could you please help the workers evacuate the audience?
  • Director: It's too chaotic here, we need enough people to lead such a large crowd outside.
  • Nikki: Okay sure!
  • Annabel: Hey! So we meet again. I didn't expect you guys to work at the theatre.
  • Bobo: Annabel, are you here to gather materials as well?
  • Annabel: Yeah, but it's a shame there was an accident during the show.
  • Annabel: Wait, wherever Nikki is, there will always be inspiration!
  • Momo: Nikki, I think she considers you her heroine stylist.
  • Annabel: Nikki, give me one of your cute animal outfits. A heroine needs to play cute sometimes as well!


There is no concluding dialogue.