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Opening: Edit

  • Director next door: I didn't expect to meet such a great stylist here!
  • Director next door: I'm the director of Romeo and Cinderella. May I have the pleasure of making your acquaintance?
  • Nikki: Oh hi, I'm Nikki. Very nice to meet you.
  • Director next door: Sofia from the December Troupe has the precious ball gown 'Star Sea'.
  • Director next door: If we don't work hard on the style of the hero, our style will certainly not be as popular as the Candy Witch and Star Sea.
  • Director next door: Please provide us with some inspiration for Romeo's style!
  • Momo: But you've only got Cinderella's sister over here, where's your Romeo?
  • Director next door: Our lead actor is not here today, but I just caught a young man in the lobby. Let's make him his stand-in to compete with Nikki!
  • Royce: What the heck?! I'm just here looking for a friend; why am I being forced to to join a styling match?
  • Nikki: Ah, it's the boy we saw at the entrance!
  • Nikki: Hi, I'm Nikki. I came here to see the rehearsal.
  • Director next door: Cut the small talk! Transform into a brave and debonair Romeo!
  • Royce: Not unless you promise first not to tell any strange women that you've seen me!!

Conclusion: Edit

  • Royce: I really didn't expect to meet such an amazing stylist today.
  • Royce: Nikki, you really should go attend the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount.
  • Nikki: The Designer's Tea Party?
  • Royce: Yes, it's an annual pageant for designers and stylists.
  • Royce: I have to go now. Remember to give my best wishes to the chief of the December Troupe.
  • Nikki: Sure! I'll remember that!
  • Royce: Farewell! Looking forward to seeing you again in Wintermount.
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