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  • Momo: Nikki's so smart! The December Troupe is resting. We can go to the rehearsal of the troupe next door.
  • Bobo: Let me see here... Wow, the drama is called Romeo and Cinderella. That's quite a big crossover.
  • Nikki: It must be a play about love!
  • Actress: Hey! What are you two girls and that cat doing here?
  • Nikki: Uhhh...Sorry, the theater manager told us we could look around.
  • Actress: I see. I'm the heroine Cinderella...'s older sister!
  • Actress: How about you compete with me over the styles for this role? If you win, I'll consider signing a autograph for you guys!
  • Momo: Why would we need an autograph from Cinderella's sister...But anyway that's not the point!
  • Momo: Nikki you can't lose! Change into your aristocratic ball gown!

Stage Opponent[]


There is no concluding dialogue.