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  • Bobo: Shh! Keep up! This is the backstage dressing room. Let's see how beautiful the legendary 'Star Sea' really is!
  • Nikki: Bobo, should we really be doing this? What if we get caught?
  • Actress: Who's there! Why are you sneaking into the dressing room!
  • Momo: Darn...Caught red handed.
  • Nikki: S...Sorry. We're not the Phantom Thief!
  • Actress: I know you're not the Phantom Thief. I'm just asking who you are?
  • Nikki: I'm Nikki, this is Momo, and she's Bobo. We just wanted to see what the 'Star Sea' looks like.
  • Actress: Nikki? So you're that great stylist the manager has been talking about.
  • Actress: I'm Sofia, the leading actress of this show. It's nice to meet you and your friends.
  • Nikki: Sofia, you're so pretty! We're all looking forward to seeing your show!
  • Sofia: Thank you. But my interest in you is greater than my interest in the play.
  • Sofia: How about we compete, and if you win, I'll present you with my cherished ball gown as a gift and invite you to the performance.
  • Sofia: Then you'll get to see the 'Star Sea'.
  • Bobo: So many benefits from winning! Believe in yourself, Nikki! You can definitely design a gorgeous and elegant ball gown.


  • Sofia: As expected, you're strong. Someday you'll become even stronger.
  • Sofia: Remember, as long as you work hard enough, this dress can beat the 'Star Sea'.
  • Nikki: Yes, I'll remember that! Thank's so much, Sofia. I'll work hard! Goodbye!