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  • Nikki: Finally, we'll get to watch the December Troupe rehearsal!
  • Momo: Look, the lady walking through the VIP entrance is so lovely! The man behind her looks awesome too!
  • Bobo: The theater manager is talking with them!
  • Lisa: It's my honour to welcome you two noble guests from the Apple Federation.
  • Lady: Miss Lisa you're too kind. I think the 'Star Sea' is well worth the long journey.
  • Joe: My lady, it's getting a bit late. The president instructed us to return to the Apple Federation today.
  • Lady: Ah ok. Lisa, if there's nothing else important to talk about I guess we better get going. See you next time.
  • Momo: Wow, that's a beautiful young lady!
  • Momo: Oh, the manager's coming!
  • Nikki: Hi, Miss Lisa. Is 'Star Sea' one of the costumes for the show?
  • Lisa: Yes, the biggest mystery in 'the Candy Witch and Star Sea' is the ball gown that Sofia wears. The dress is called the 'Star Sea'.
  • Lisa: The first time I saw you, I thought you were the Phantom Thief who sent us the warning letter claiming that he was going to steal the dress.
  • Momo: Awesome! I really want to see the 'Star Sea'! Let's go to the rehearsal!
  • Lisa: Nikki, first you'll have to change into something thats casual yet chic, then I'll take you inside.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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