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  • Nikki: Hi! Excuse me, do you know where the Western Wildness hotel is?
  • Strange Woman: Go straight and turn right at the first crossing, it's the second building on the left.
  • Strange Woman: By the way, have you guys seen a sweet talking man with golden hair dressed in expensive clothing?
  • Bobo: Nope! Never seen him! Than you for showing us the way, bye!
  • Momo: Why did you lie to her? That guy Royce that we just met fits her description perfectly!
  • Bobo: Don't you think she's probably a crazy fan of his?
  • Bobo: Before the developer gives me a date, I'll prevent anyone from laying a finger on the only handsome guy who has appeared so far! Let's go back to the hotel!
  • Nikki: We will finally get a good night's sleep at the hotel!
  • (The group arrive at the hotel)
  • Momo: Owwww. What should I do, I've had too much grilled fish for my stomach to hold! Momo is so full!
  • Nikki: What should we do? Momo looks like a fat meatball!
  • Bobo: Remember what I said? Hahaha! Two stages ago I said 'I can't wait to see you become a fat meat ball'!
  • Momo: Bobo!!! I hate you!!!
  • Nikki: Hmm, how about we throw a pajama party and play cards with Momo until he digests all the grilled fish in his stomach.
  • Momo: Nikki is so sweet! You two go ahead and put on pajamas, Momo doesn't need clothes!
  • Nikki: But I haven't got any pajamas, what should I do?
  • Momo: Right, but we found the design for Panda Pajamas at the night market, didn't we? We can try to make them!


There is no concluding dialogue.