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  • Bobo: We've run into two couples in a single day. It's so depressing!
  • Momo: Now I'm happy! All the grilled fish is in my belly!
  • Aron: Nikki! Bobo! Momo!
  • Nikki: It's Aron!
  • Nikki: Come to think of it, Aron is the first person I met in Miraland besides Queen Nanari!
  • Bobo: Nikki, you know our Queen Nanari?! But didn't the queen abdicate due to sickness a long time ago?
  • Aron: What are you talking about? It's Bathrobe Festival tonight, let's put on a Kimono and hang out together!
  • Momo: There will be so many fun things to do! Hurry up, Nikki! Put on a Kimono and let's go to the night fair!
  • Bobo: Is Nikki really the destined one from another world? Is that why the Queen used forbidden arts to transport her here through time and space?
  • Bobo: ...Forget it, I'll ask her next time. Hey wait for me!!


There is no concluding dialogue.