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  • Bobo: That cute guy who led us to the secret tunnel looks like a really talented person. I wonder if anything will happen between us in the future~
  • Momo: If you think saying this will persuade the developer to give you extra lines, dream on! The main character will always be Big Meow and his grilled fish!
  • Toto: Nikki! You're here too! Looks like I wasn't wrong when I said that our paths would cross again~
  • Nikki: Toto! How was your date with the Aries guy?
  • Toto: It went well, thanks to you! But now my new boyfriend is a Capricorn working in this theater as a manager!
  • Toto: We're going rowing tonight on our date. Nikki please help me out one more time!
  • Momo: Wow you're switching between boyfriends way too fast!
  • Nikki: Well...if you want to go rowing you should wear something that's not only warm and wind-proof, but also sweet and cute.


There is no concluding dialogue.