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  • Bobo: Wow, so we can sneak in through the secret path. It's my lucky day!
  • Momo: Yeah, and you just pretended to be nervous and 'accidentally' kicked me. Of course it's your lucky day.
  • Nikki: I didn't know there was a secret path leading directly into the theater's machinery room! This is amazing!
  • Office Lady: If his majesty is to come to the theater, I will know and inform you. Please do not worry.
  • Strange Woman: Please see to it. I have to go now.
  • Office Lady: Ah! How did you get in?!
  • Office Lady: Are you the Phantom Thief who sent the warning letter a few days ago?
  • Nikki: Sorry...Sorry! We aren't the Phantom Thief. We just sneaked in for the rehearsal of December Troupe. We don't know anything about any thieves!
  • Office Lady:'s so hard to be a theater manager. Apart from managing, I'm also responsible for finding people and catching thieves!
  • Office Lady: The December Troupe is on leave today. If you wanna see the rehearsal tomorrow, you'll have to beat my styling.
  • Nikki: Challenge the theater manager? Then I'll have to try on the elegant and simple professional style!


There is no concluding conversation.


After completing this level for the first time, the tutorial shows you the Competition.