Dialogue: Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: Cicia is indeed the largest city in Lilith. The theater here is grand!
  • Bobo: That's right! Cicia has the most highly rated theater in the world!
  • Nikki: Oh! I read in the newspaper that in a few days, the December Troupe will be performing their new play 'The Candy Witch and the Star Sea'!
  • Nikki: Speaking of December Troupe, why does that's sound so familiar...
  • Passing By Handsome: I've told you, I'm Royce, a friend of the troupe‘s chief. Now let me go in and watch the rehearsal!
  • Royce: Humph, I'll have to sneak in through the secret path then...
  • Nikki: Hey! Please wait!... I wish I knew where the secret path is...If only I could get into the theater...
  • Passerby Girl: If you wanna sneak in, just follow me. But first you'll have to compete with me over which one of us looks more like a passerby!
  • Momo: You can even compete to see who's more like a passerby? Someone kill me! I'm done with this crazy world!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

After completing this level for the first time, the tutorial shows you My Favorite Suit.

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