Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: We are finally at the Lilith Kingdom! Lunar is still gathering materials for her design. I kind of miss her.
  • Momo: Speaking of Lunar, she looks so pretty when she smiles! She's definitely a goddess of the east.
  • Momo: So different from a certain loud unreasonable girl I know...
  • Bobo: Momo!! I'll knock you flat!! Girls in the Lilith Kingdom can be cute, too!!
  • Nikki: Oh yeah Bobo, you're from the Lilith Kingdom! Are all your styles so...dreamy?
  • Bobo: Yeah! The Lilith Kingdom is a neighbouring country of the Apple Federation and the Cloud Empire... it's like an adorable fun-filled fairy tale land.
  • Bobo: We specialize in enchanting fantasy styles.
  • Momo: Nikki, why not compete with her on the Lilith fairytale style, I'll bet a bowl of grilled fish on your win!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

After completing this level, you unlock Momo's S tip and Momo's reminder, so you can see Momo's tips while dressing up.

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