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Story: After boarding the Iron Rose airship, Ace contacts Orlando in Nikki's place. He asks to deliver a message to Kimi concerning Chairman Schiller...


  • (On the Iron Rose Airship, Ace turns on the communicator for Nikki and the others, and connects to a terminal)
  • (Before long, Orlando's image appears on the screen. He looks haggard)
  • Orlando: Kimi, Nikki, Momo...are you all right?
  • Orlando: Azula told me about your abduction yesterday, but there was no way I could send people to Nidhogg's lair to get you...that's why I asked Ace to lend a hand.
  • Nikki: We're fine, and...I'm sorry. If only we had followed your instructions and looked for Azula, all of this could have been avoided...
  • Kimi: And White Blossom wouldn't be in Nidhogg's hands...
  • Orlando: It's not your fault; there are too many people wanting to take White Blossom...I'm sure your father would agree that your safety is far more important than that of White Blossom.
  • Kimi: Orlando...what did you just say? My father? Did you get in touch with him?
  • Orlando: I cannot disclose too much, but I will bring Chairman Schiller back, safe and sound. You have my words.
  • Orlando: Ace will escort you to Rolterdan. When my work is done, I will meet you there.
  • Nikki: Okay... Then we will wait for you in Rolterdan.


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.