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  • Nikki: Hey, the road's up ahead! Let's hurry up and get out of this creepy alley.
  • Bobo: Agreed! Losol City is scary, for sure; let's just go back to the church...
  • Momo: Hey wait, that person looks so familiar...that hood and cape, and that sword...who is that?
  • Nikki: Could it be...Ace? But why is she here?
  • Bobo: Let's go say hi!
  • Nikki: Hello, Ace!
  • Ace: Nikki, Bobo, and Momo; long time no see! I didn't expect to see you in Losol City.
  • Ace: What were you doing in that alley?... In Sin City, those dark alleys are too dangerous for you.
  • Bobo: Uh... Uh... We were just lost... What about you, Ace? What's your business here? Not a good place for sightseeing...
  • Ace: I've come to see a friend. Nikki, could you give me a hand with this assassin's outfit? Losol City is dangerous, and I need to be fully prepared before I head out.
  • Nikki: No problem!


There is no concluding dialogue.