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  • Bobo: I never thought a church would ever exist in a place like Losol City...
  • Nikki: Orlando said the Losol Church is working with the Federal Security Agency... Perhaps, there are also organizations of other countries?
  • Momo: Other nations, huh? Geez...hope we don't run into them. Ladies holding guns are too scary! Swords too!
  • Bobo: So, what about a lady in a cheongsam? Like that one over there?
  • Momo: Wow, she's so pretty! I like her!
  • Miss Mask: ...
  • Bobo: (Whispers) Crap, she looks pretty intimidating... S-sorry, we were just admiring your cheongsam, that's all...!
  • Momo: You're not helping, Bobo...
  • Bobo: Yeah, well...I apologized, so please don't look at us like that...we're not your enemy or anything, just some strangers passing by...!
  • Nikki: She could actually be our enemy, Bobo...
  • Bobo: you mean...?
  • Nikki: I remembered...Miss Mask! From Jinjin's family! We had a contest in the Moon Inn on Long Street...
  • Miss Mask: You remember it quite clearly. Then let's cut the chase and have another fight over cheongsam.
  • Bobo: Hey, you just want to retaliate... Whatever, Nikki won't lose anyway!


There is no concluding dialogue.