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Story: As dusk falls, Gray Raven's plane lands at the Tyre Coalition base with Nikki and friends in tow. Will they see the coming dawn, or endless night?


Part 1:[]

  • (The plane lands precisely in front of the gate to the League Till's headquarters. Soldiers approach the plane in droves and surround it, then suddenly burst into laughter)
  • (Not until they were escorted outside the plane did they see the words on the plane)
  • (A gift to Colonel Nidhogg)
  • League Soldier: Sir, we found this in the cabin.
  • (The case containing White Blossom sails through the air and lands on the snow-covered ground. A soldier opens it, unfolding the glittering outfit before his peers)
  • League Sergeant: This is...the White Blossom that the Colonel ordered Shade to retrieve? It's indeed a great gift. Take the case carefully to the Colonel now!
  • Nikki: No, you cannot!...
  • League Soldier: Little girl, you should never touch such a treasure in the first place. You are so weak that you cannot even protect yourself.
  • Nikki: Then...if I can defeat you...will you return White Blossom to me?
  • (The soldiers are caught off-guard by Nikki's question, but then burst into scornful laughter yet again)
  • League Soldier: At a time like this, seriously? Didn't you hear what happened in Cloud City? The era of styling contest child play is over!
  • Nikki: I just want to know... If you want to accept my challenge?
  • Kimi: Nikki! Drop it, they may use violence...
  • Momo: Nikki...
  • League Soldier: Whatever. Styling contest, hmm? Let's do it! We don't want others to say we defeat you without honor.
  • League Soldier: I'll give you a chance for a fair match!
  • Kimi: Ah... Nikki, so this is your plan.
  • Nikki: Yes... Just as I predicted, these people won't use force because they are too coward to face the pain of the curse.
  • Nikki: Momo, Kimi, rest assured, I won't lose to them!
  • (The match begins. Nikki eventually emerges victorious, with a narrow margin)
  • League Soldier: I didn't expect a little girl like you to be so strong... but don't forget, you're facing an entire army!
  • Nidhogg: You've lost. Do we need more losses?
  • League Soldier: Ah!...uh... My apologies, Colonel Nidhogg!
  • (The soldiers split and Nidhogg walked up to Nikki and others.)
  • Nidhogg: Hand over White Blossom and you'll be free to go.
  • (Kimi looks at White Blossom in the case. She finally understands the situation her father faced before and, just like him, makes the same decision)
  • Kimi: It's yours. But please, promise me one thing...
  • Nidhogg: I'll arrange for someone to escort you back.
  • Kimi: Deal.
  • Nikki: ...Kimi!
  • Kimi: It's okay, Nikki...White Blossom is indeed important, but what's more important is protecting my friends and family.
  • Kimi: I won't put your lives in jeopardy over an outfit.
  • Nikki: But...that's the White Blossom! The signature treasure of the Apple Apparel Group! Chairman Schiller's masterpiece, and a testament to your parents' love...
  • Nikki: On the plane, you said you'd never give up, even when it was hopeless...I won't give up either! Not this time!
  • Nikki: Colonel Nidhogg, I challenge you to a matching competition...!
  • Nidhogg: You don't stand a chance.
  • Nidhogg: But... I will honor your courage and faith in your friends. I accept your challenge.

At this point in the game, the player will lose to Nidhogg in the resulting styling battle.

Part 2:[]

  • (Under the weight of the dark night, Dawnblade's light dims like a flickering candle. The Dark Verdict became stronger than ever. Suddenly, the sword flashes and strikes Nikki.)
  • Kimi: Nikki!!!
  • Momo: Nikki!!! No!!!
  • (Kimi and Momo run forward and try to pull Nikki away, but the Dark Verdict has made its judgement; none can escape)
  • (At the critical moment, a bright light flashes before the Dark Verdict, and a young man in a white robe appears in front of Nikki)
  • Silver-haired Man: Nidhogg...
  • Silver-haired Man: Is this blood-stained world the truth you seek?!
  • (The silver-haired young man swings his sword and suppresses Nidhogg's dark blade. His sword looks the same as Nikki's Dawnblade, but added a warm bright light.)

Part 3:[]

Chapter 19 Louie and Nidhogg.jpg

Cutscene Transcript:

The pale light in your hand
cannot kill your dark past
  • (The support of the silver-hair young man balanced the strength of both parties.)
  • (Wearing straight white robes, the army look like ghosts, their spikes like aurora. In a moment, the frontline of the League collapsed.)
  • (At this time, someone picks up Nikki and carries her towards the nearest barracks)
  • Nikki: Ace? Why are you here?
  • (The purple-haired lady smiles at Nikki when she draws her long sword quickly and blocks a dagger of a League.)
  • Ace: You'll soon find out.
  • (Ace escorts Nikki and others out of the League's base to an airship.)
  • Debbie: Too slow, Ace! Way too slow! I told you they'd slow you down, so why go back for them?
  • Ace: That's not their fault! Also, you kept saying you want to compete with her after you met her in Lor River City... Tell me I'm wrong?
  • Debbie: Yeah, yeah, you're right, of course... That's why I'm waiting for you here!
  • Debbie: Ok, Nikki, come compete with me! The theme is modern Cloud attire with steampunk accents! Don't you think of getting onboard if you lose!


There is no concluding dialogue.


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