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  • (After defeating Gray Raven, the plane stops its jolting and his image disappears. The cabin returns to silence)
  • Momo: This doctor... the Gray Raven... he's insane! There is no party at all... And where is the plane taking us!?
  • Kimi: Our destination has already been fixed. This plane is just the trap he set for us...
  • Kimi: Nikki, take Momo and check every emergency escape on this plane!
  • Kimi: I'll keep trying to unlock the flight panel in here. If we can override the locks, we might be able to escape.
  • Nikki: You can do it, Kimi! We're with you all the way!
  • Kimi: (Shakes her head) These plane's systems are completely different than those of any plane I've ever seen.
  • Kimi: Even the dashboard is a mystery to me...none of these symbols exist in our entire continent's aviation system.
  • Kimi: But I won't give up even if there is no hope.
  • Nikki: Yes, I won't give up. No matter we can escape, no matter where this plane will take us, I will give everything to help you.
  • Momo: Me too, me too! I'm just a little cat, but I will protect you all!
  • (Time, however, is not on their side. As the sun sinks behind a layer of clouds, the plane slowly enters a thick, snowy cloud)
  • (Kimi stops working the controls and raises her head, looking blankly at the gray clouds surrounding them)
  • Nikki: The plane is descending...
  • (Nikki and Momo step forward, and hold Kimi's hand)
  • Nikki: It's okay...we did our best.
  • (The plane breaks through low-hanging clouds, and approaches the white Earth. They see snowy mountains and coniferous forests, dotted with barracks and countless armed soldiers.)
  • Kimi: ...This is the League Till's base. The Gray Raven's objective... was to deliver White Blossom right into the hands of the enemy.
  • (The cabin is silent. Neither of them knows what fate awaits them once the plane lands)
  • Kimi: Nikki...Change into some warm clothes and prepare for landing.


There is no concluding dialogue.