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  • Nikki: (Covers nose) What a heavy smell of disinfectant... And what are all these pots and jars in here?
  • Kimi: I only recognize some of them and they are all in the illicit list by Federal Government.
  • Momo: It's so creepy! I don't wanna stay with so many chemicals!
  • Unknown Male Voice: Dislikes this place, little kitty?
  • Momo: Little kitty, what... Wait, who's talking?!
  • (The door to the cockpit slowly opens, and a man dressed as a doctor steps into the room. Outside is the bright clear sky above the clouds.)
  • Suspicious Doctor: Good afternoon, ladies! It is an honor to have you aboard my ship! Please allow me to formally introduce myself.
  • Suspicious Doctor: My name is Morrison, though I have come to despise this name myself. Therefore, I would like you call me 'Gray Raven.' This one is much more appealing, isn't it?
  • Kimi: Gray Raven... So you are the notorious underworld Demon Doctor?
  • Gray Raven: Hahahaha, 'Demon Doctor?' Is that what they're calling me now? Am I honestly that frightening?
  • Gray Raven: Enough small talk. You two lovely ladies, would you please don your gorgeous and lively dress for this party!
  • Nikki: What...what are you talking about? What party...
  • Gray Raven: Yes, the party specially designed for you. Hey, silver-hair lady, what are you doing? Please, hey, that's my favorite one!...
  • (Kimi grabs an empty bottle and throws it at Gray Raven. The bottle passes through his body, falling to the ground and rolling into the cockpit)
  • Kimi: ...As I suspected. You're just a ghost.
  • Gray Raven: Don't you dare insult me with such a mundane description! This is Light-Grid Imaging!...Oh? Are you looking to hijack my aircraft, you boorish, silver-haired little vixen?
  • (Ignoring him, Kimi enters the cockpit and attempts to take control of the locked flight instruments)
  • Gray Raven: (Smiling) You'd better save some effort. If you insist...
  • (Just as he finishes his sentence, the plane begins jolting violently in the air)
  • Nikki: (Kimi! There's nothing we can do right now, except challenge him... He locks us here with White Blossom. It means he wants to send us somewhere...
  • Nikki: So he won't hurt us now.
  • Gray Raven: What a clever girl. So, let's enjoy our gorgeous party outfit competition!

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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