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  • Orlando: The church is currently cooperating with the Federal Security Agency; you are safe here. I have an urgent matter to attend to, but will return in two days' time.
  • Orlando: Until I return, please stay in the church and do not take any action without my approval.
  • Kimi: Orlando, does this task...have something to do with my father?
  • Orlando: I'm sorry, but that's confidential information. Stay safe, call me if there's any trouble, and...don't trust anyone too easily.
  • Orlando: If you have any questions, remember to ask Azula for help.
  • (Midnight)
  • (Momo dreamt that Bobo stole his grilled fish; he tried to take it back, but failed and awoke with a start. As he wakes up from his dream, he sees Bobo walking out of the room)
  • Momo: (Confused) W...what? ...Bobo, you big jerk... think you can run away with my grilled fish, huh?!
  • (Momo leaps out of bed and takes off after Bobo, finally catching up to her at the doorway to the church)
  • Momo: Stop! Bad Bobo! Gimme back my grilled fish!...*sniff* I'm starving, please Bobo...
  • (Bobo stops and turns to Momo in silence, her shadow stretched long by the moonlight. Somehow, she looks a little different.)
  • Bobo: ...
  • (She walks over, then crouches down and gently cradles Momo)
  • (Next morning)
  • (Nikki and Kimi find a letter Bobo left on the table, saying she has to return to Lilith for something very important. Nothing else was mentioned.)
  • Kimi: This is too could be a trap...
  • Momo: No! I saw Bobo leave last night...I thought it was a dream, but it wasn't! She looked so sad...and I even blamed her for stealing my grilled fish...
  • Nikki: Kimi, let's go ask around. Losol City is so dangerous, we cannot take the risk... She is our friend...
  • Kimi: ...You take her as a friend, but she doesn't necessarily treat you the same.
  • Nikki: Kimi, what are you...
  • Kimi: She said she is but a common stylist of Lilith, but how can a Lilith stylist know much about White Blossom and Mercury Group?
  • Kimi: Haven't you ever wondered why she's come along this whole time, Nikki? Even it's some dangerous place like Losol City, she never hesitated to stay with us... Why?
  • (As Nikki sits in awe at her friend's words, she begins to remember things)
  • Bobo insisted Nikki should join the Fantasy Styling Contest. In Cloud City, Bobo asked Nikki to fight Nidhogg. And she accidentally tripped in the outpost...)
  • Nikki: (Whispers) ...No, I can't believe it... I won't...
  • Momo: ...No! Bobo is not our enemy!!!
  • Momo: Remember how sad she was when we lost Lunar? Or how angry she was when she stood up you, Kimi? She... She cannot be a bad guy!!!
  • Nikki: Momo...I'm sorry, Momo. Please don't cry...
  • Kimi: ...Momo...You're right, I shouldn't doubt her. I'm sorry...
  • (Momo tightly clutches Bobo's letter, his tears slowly falling on the letterhead. Nikki goes to hug Momo)
  • Nikki: No more tears now, Momo. Let's go find Bobo...I'm sure she has a good reason for leaving us...
  • Kimi: I agree. Losol City is too dangerous for her to act alone. Let's grab a meal in the cafeteria in oridinary clothes... Then we go find her together.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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