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  • (Nikki grabs the case, and makes a run for the door with Kimi and the others)
  • (Bang!)
  • Bobo: Ah!!
  • (Ozeca bursts into laughter at the sight of Bobo, who had just tripped over some racks)
  • Ozeca: Commander, are you sure you should be pointing that gun at me?
  • Momo: Bobo!!!
  • Nikki: Bobo...
  • Kimi: ...
  • (The door to the armory suddenly opens. Shade is standing just within, his gun aimed at Bobo)
  • Bobo: (In dismay) ...I...I'm sorry... I didn't mean to...
  • Ozeca: Shade, eliminate them and take back White Blossom!
  • (Orlando switches off his gun's safety loudly, and presses the loaded weapon into Ozeca's temple)
  • (Shade glances at Ozeca, then at Nikki and Kimi near the door, then puts down his gun)
  • Shade: My quest has been completed. I have nothing to do with White Blossom any longer.
  • Orlando: You...
  • (Nikki runs up and grabs Bobo) Let's go!!!
  • (The girls disappear through the door. Orlando lets Ozeca go, and slowly steps back towards the door)
  • Shade: Wait.
  • (Shade raises his gun again, this time pointing it at Orlando's heart)
  • Shade: You're not going to thank me, Commander?
  • Orlando: ...
  • Shade: Just kidding.
  • Shade: (He looks at Orlando and lowers the gun) You didn't fire. We're even now.
  • Orlando: ...Thanks.
  • (Orlando leaves, and catches up to Nikki and the others. Together, they leave the outpost and finally arrive at Losol City before night falls)
  • (To their surprise, Losol City is by no means the shady city they'd imagined.)
  • (On the contrary, the streets are well organized. Banks, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls... every imaginable modern facility can be seen)
  • Kimi: I didn't expect Losol City to actually be like this...Maybe it's not as scary as people say?
  • Orlando: This city of sin operates under its own laws and axioms, and the people who reside in this gray area have their own way of living, as well.
  • Orlando: You'll understand much more once we arrive at Losol Church.
  • Nikki: A church?...but why would a chaotic, underground city need a church?
  • (After walking past a number of streets, steeples and statues began to appear before them. Orlando goes up to greet a red-haired nun holding a gun in front of the church)
  • Orlando: Azula, these are my friends; they will be staying in the city for two or three days. May I ask you to look after them during their stay?
  • Azula: ...Friends? They are your friends, Orlando; not mine. You haven't forgotten the creed of Losol Church, have you? We do not accept the weak.
  • Azula: Now, children, prove your strength to me with a ninja outfit


There is no concluding dialogue.