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  • (Under Orlando's orders, Nikki and the others bypass the fence surrounding the outpost and reach the main building. A stark silence fills the air, and not a soul is in sight)
  • (The buzzing sounds of machines can be heard from inside the outpost, but no one answers the door)
  • Orlando: Seems to be empty, why don't we take a look?
  • (After several attempts, Orlando finally cracks the outpost's electronic lock. Inside, they find a flashing console displaying the latest unread message.)
  • Kimi: Orlando, can you hack their communications system?
  • Orlando: I can give it a shot. Prior to leaving Welton, the Federal Academy of Sciences entrusted me with a few of their newest inventions...
  • (Orlando takes out a small box and, turning to the flashing console, inputs a string of codes. The console's recently-received message appears on screen)
  • Kimi: This is...a directive straight from League Headquarters! Crap...their next target IS my father...!
  • (Standing before the screen, Orlando fiddles with the small box in his hand. The console's display gets distorted; when the image is restored, the directive is nowhere to be seen)
  • Orlando: I've removed the directive from the console. Hopefully, this buys your father a bit more time...quiet, someone's coming!
  • (A familiar female voice is heard just outside the door)
  • Female Officer: Do you ever actually hear me? This isn't the first time, is it? Let's make it very clear, your mission is White Blossom, not...
  • (Bang! The door swings wide open)
  • Female Officer: ...carelessly shooting the chairman of the Apple Apparel Group on the top of his own building!
  • (At the same time, from behind the front counter of the outpost)
  • Bobo: (Whisper) Oh my...isn't that Ozeca, the female officer who stopped us in Cloud City?
  • Nikki: (Whisper) She appears to be talking to Shade...but why is she so upset?
  • (Ozeca walks briskly towards the console. Shade follows her in, and then casually tosses her the case containing White Blossom)
  • Shade: My quest is completed.
  • (Ignoring Ozeca's criticisms, Shade walks into the armory on the other side of the room and closes the door)
  • Ozeca: Do you have any idea how much trouble you've made? The Federal Security Agency is involved now...your indiscipline will ruin the Colonel's plans...
  • (Ozeca's complaint suddenly stops, as a cold gun presses against her head)
  • Orlando: Keep quiet. I have no intention of harming a woman, now do as I say.
  • Kimi: It's time! Nikki, change into some inconspicuous clothing and let's get out of here!


There is no concluding dialogue.


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