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  • (On a train to Losol City)
  • Kimi: I get it now...the auction was probably father's idea. He drew those people out by announcing the return of White Blossom in Welton.
  • Kimi: But Orlando, what about the kidnapping? Does that mean...
  • Orlando: The Security Agency is still tracking the kidnapper. No leads so far, but...just trust your father. He must have his reasons for doing this.
  • Kimi: (Shakes head) I'm just worried about him. White Blossom means everything to father. He must have done it because there was no other way...
  • Nikki: Kimi...
  • Kimi: Okay, it's useless to guess anyway. Remember the Butterfly necklace you asked me about earlier? Well, I found this in the treasure room. Hopefully, it can help you somehow.
  • (A delicate ring rests in Kimi's palm, a crystal butterfly inlaid on the inside of the ring)
  • Nikki: This ring...and the crystal looks like the one on Nidhogg's necklace...
  • Momo: Well... In meow opinion, I think the styles of this ring and that necklace are identical!
  • Bobo: Kimi, could you tell me the story of this ring? Who designed it?
  • Kimi: All I know is that it was crafted by the young King Sayet and that my father purchased it at a high price. Nothing beyond that, really.
  • Momo: King Sayet...the legendary designer famous for his three masterpieces? So Nidhogg's necklace is also one of King Sayet's works?
  • Orlando: It seems Nidhogg is not as simple as we thought...
  • (The communicator next to Orlando rings loudly, interrupting the conversation)
  • (Orlando picks up the communicator. A grim look shows on his face. Suddenly, an announcement is made over the train's broadcast system)
  • Train Broadcast: Attention, please. Due to the military blockade, this train is about to stop at Satiroth Town in 30 minutes. Please prepare to disembark...
  • Nikki: What happened? All of a sudden...
  • Orlando: (Drops communicator) It's Shade. According to the Security Agency's intel, he was sighted 15 minutes ago near Losol City. The military has blockaded the entire Losol territory...
  • (The train slows down gradually. Suddenly, the carriage door opens and the grumbling noise of passengers fills the whole place.)
  • Marshal: Why are you all still in here? Hurry up, grab your bags and get off.
  • Kimi: Pardon me, but are there any other trains travelling from Satiroth Town to Losol City? We have very pressing matters to attend to...
  • Marshal: Sorry, can't help you there. All traffic to Losol City has been cut off.
  • Marshal: Just follow the station's instructions when you arrive in Satiroth Town and grab the earliest train back to where you came from. It's for your own good.
  • Orlando: (Halts a marshal, and shows his credentials) We are with the Federal military and on a medical mission to Losol City. Please support us.
  • Marshal: (Hesitates) You're the twelfth passenger to say you have emergency work to attend to in Losol City. We'll need to verify your identities, for security reasons.
  • Orlando: Understood. Nikki, just help me with this doctor's outfit, and leave the rest to me.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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