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  • Bobo: Hey, look! Isn't that office lady over there Vivi?
  • Nikki: It is her! We haven't seen her since after the Fantasy Styling Contest!
  • Momo: Vivi! Vivi! Over here!
  • Vivi: Nikki! Bobo! Momo! I didn't expect to see you here!
  • Nikki: We're happy to see you in Welton, too!
  • Bobo: What are you doing in Welton, Vivi?
  • Vivi: I've quit modeling for Lilith's store, so now I'm a secretary for the Apple Federation Apparel Group!
  • Bobo: What? But being a model was your dream! Why become a secretary for them, instead?
  • Vivi: I came to Welton because I want to join the Federal Model Company!
  • Vivi: And I've learned a lot about clothing style and matching by working in the Apple Apparel Group. I'm sure that's why I earned the interview chance!
  • Bobo: The Federal model company! Isn't that the company that supermodel Hiber is in, too? Wow, Vivi, you're awesome!
  • Momo: Maybe we'll see Vivi on City Square posters next year!
  • Vivi: Haha, not that fast. I'm still nervous the second I even think about the Federal Model's interview. Nikki, could you help me with this supermodel's dress?
  • Nikki: Of course, Vivi! Do your best tomorrow!


There is no concluding dialogue.