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Shade stands on the ledge of the Apple Federation Apparel Group building, in the hole created by the broken window. Orlando, wielding his black umbrella, takes a defensive stance, protecting Kimi.

  • Shade: Silver hair or black hair, it doesn't matter.

Shade pulls out his gun and aims.

Orlando aims his gun as well.

  • (?!!)

The two men stand facing each other, guns at arm's length. A bead of sweat runs down Orlando's face as he jerks his head slightly.

  • Orlando: You are...
  • Shade: ......



  • (Orlando points his gun at the sniper's head, his finger hovering over the trigger)
  • (The sniper's gun leans slightly. There is a hint of perplexity on his motionless face)
  • (Two icy guns firmly point at one another. At that moment, not a single person dared to move. The cold wind roars and surrounds the corridor, as neon lights reflect off the glass)
  • (In the suffocating silence, Charles suddenly snatches the box containing White Blossom from Kimi, and runs away!)
  • (Bang!)
  • (Charles falls before anyone can react)
  • (He lies on the floor with his back to Kimi and Orlando, covering White Blossom with his lifeless body)
  • Sniper: You are mistaken.
  • (The sniper picks up the box from under Charles and, walking towards the window, glances at Orlando)
  • Sniper: Perhaps we'll met again someday, Commander.
  • Orlando: Flynn!!!
  • (The sniper jumps into the morning mist and disappears between the buildings in the light of dawn)
  • (Reid doesn't expect such a thing could happen and is visibly perturbed. Orlando stops him as he tries to walk towards Charles)
  • Orlando: Flynn... Who is that man?
  • Reid: (Hesitates briefly)...He has no name, but you should be more familiar with his other handle: Shade...
  • Kimi: Orlando, this is the most-wanted criminal you've always been chasing; the best weapon of League Till, and Nidhogg's most trusted assassin... How could he be Flynn?
  • (Orlando steps back, a look of agony etched upon the soldier's resolute face)
  • Orlando: ...I wish I were wrong.
  • (He bows deeply to Charles on the ground)
  • Orlando: Please forgive me.
  • (Kimi goes to Charles and closes his eyes.)
  • Kimi: ...Charles... I thought it was you who imprisoned my father and stole the Apple Apparel Group...
  • Kimi: It wasn't until just now that I realized... you were the only one here truly loyal to my father.
  • Nikki: Chairman Charles... He tried to protect White Blossom to the very end...
  • Momo: We misunderstood him! But, but...
  • Bobo: But it's too late...
  • Kimi: Charles, I'm sorry...
  • (Kimi lowers her head, wiping tears from her eyes. She stands up and turns to Reid)
  • Kimi: As for you, Reid. Trusting you was the most foolish thing I could have ever done.
  • Reid: ...I apologize for what happened today. I dare not ask for your forgiveness, but I had no choice...
  • Bobo: You must be in league with Nidhogg!...But why use force? What are you two plotting?!
  • Momo: You evil evil guys! You murdered Lunar, and now...
  • Nikki: I don't know... Miraland is such a beauty. Why do you have to drag it into the abyss of war...
  • Reid: Each person has their own standpoint. I have nothing more to explain.
  • Orlando: Then you will reap what you've sown. The federal army will not let you go, even if it's the Mercury Group.
  • Reid: But I do not wish to stand against you, as you are the most exceptional warrior in the Federation.
  • Reid: And so, Lady Kimi, I bid you farewell.
  • Kimi: You will pay for this when next we meet.
  • Reid: ...Good. I'll be waiting.
  • (Reid nods in silence and leaves the corridor. With everyone lost in their own thoughts, the corridor returns to a dead silence)
  • (After a long while, Kimi breaks the silence)
  • Kimi: Nikki, Bobo, Momo, will you come with me to Losol City? Father's kidnapping must have something to do with White Blossom and those people's plot.
  • Kimi: I can't leave my father all alone in such great danger... and I must avenge Charles by stopping their crazy plans.
  • Nikki: Kimi, of course we will go with you!
  • Bobo: That's right, we won't just stand by while these creeps destroy the peace of our continent!
  • Orlando: (Sigh)... I thought it was best to keep you out of it. Now it seems no one is safe from the times...
  • Orlando: I'll escort you to Losol City. I'll fill you in on everything else during our journey.
  • Kimi: I've got something to tell you. I also found some clues in the treasure room. They have to do with Nidhogg's necklace...
  • Momo: So what are we waiting for? Let's make our way to Losol City right away!
  • Orlando: Okay, just remember, Losol City is located between Apple Federation and North Kingdom. It's a notorious city of sin, plagued by bad weather and crimes
  • Orlando: This is going to be a long and arduous journey. Prepare your outfits for adventure before we move out.


There is no concluding dialogue.