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  • (Nikki and the others defeat the guards and enter the chairman's office)
  • (Kimi opens the secret door in the office and brings Nikki and the others to an aerial corridor, which leads to the treasure room.)
  • (Kimi takes out Eris' Kiss and, in combination with her fingerprints and a password, opens the door to the treasure room)
  • (The room is devoid of people, and everything seems to be intact)
  • Bobo: ...How...How could it be? It's totally different from what I imagined...
  • Momo: Why...why is everything so tidy, as if nobody has come here!?
  • (As Kimi carefully inspects the treasure room, she becomes more and more perplexed)
  • Kimi: Besides White Blossom, all of the valuables are untouched. Father's not here, either... it's strange. If Reid wanted me here, there has to be a reason...
  • Kimi: Orlando, can you help me find out the surveillance footage?
  • Orlando: Of course, but don't forget that we've been here too long. Nikki, Bobo, and Momo, please keep watch outside. If something happens, come back and let me know immediately.
  • Nikki: Sure, we got this!
  • (When Nikki and the others check the outside of the treasure room, they find Charles returning through the corridor, guards in tow)
  • Bobo: Crap, Charles is already here...
  • Nikki: Bobo, Momo, go find Orlando and Kimi, and tell them Charles is here!
  • Bobo: All right, be careful!
  • (Bobo picks up Momo and runs back to the treasure room. Nikki takes a deep breath and walks towards Charles.)
  • Guard Captain: Freeze! Hands above your head! Tell us who you are!
  • Charles: You're... the little girl from the auction. What are you doing here? Could it be...
  • Kimi: Stop!!!
  • Charles: Lady Kimi?!
  • (Kimi and the others walks out of the treasure room, and stand before Nikki)
  • (The treasure room door slowly closes behind Kimi. She goes up to Charles and there is a memory card in her hand)
  • Kimi: Charles, how about you explain this surveillance footage first?
  • Charles: My Lady, you are not supposed to be here! Leave here, and I can turn a blind eye to what happened today!
  • Kimi: Too late, Charles. I already saw the tape... My father was not kidnapped, he left the treasure room yesterday morning on his own...
  • Kimi: And you, standing at the door of the treasure room, gave him a suitcase and a ticket to Losol City.
  • Kimi: Losol City borders the North Kingdom, and is a notorious sin city full of exiles, criminals and arms dealers! Tell me why my father is going there?!
  • Charles: ...My Lady, I'm sorry.
  • Charles: But it is my right to remain loyal to Chairman Schiller. Guards, remove Lady Kimi and the rest of her accomplices!
  • (The guards behind Charles slowly approach Kimi. Orlando puts his finger on the trigger.)
  • (But suddenly, the guards tackle Charles down to the ground. The situation takes an unexpected turn)
  • (Reid appears at the end of the corridor, and walks towards Kimi)
  • Reid: Charles, I didn't expect to see you so soon. Who is it that planned the kidnapping, and who is it that lured Chairman Schiller to Losol City?
  • Reid: I wonder, how will you ever explain this to Kimi?
  • Bobo: Reid?! How did you find this place?!
  • Momo: You evil guy who stole White Blossom! Stay away from Lady Kimi!
  • Reid: Yes, it was I who ordered the theft of White Blossom. Quite a show, was it not?
  • Reid: Yet, Kimi, I still wish that you would hand over White Blossom. Too many people are after it and it will bring you too much danger.
  • Kimi: Reid... I am afraid you know what you said is a lie. What on earth do you want?
  • Reid: ...At the very least, I honestly want to help you. I know where your father is...
  • (Orlando rushes forward and pulls Kimi away before Reid finishes speaking)
  • (Bang!)
  • (The biting cold wind draws in smoke from the broken window. A ghostly shadow leaps silently from the window. The smile on Reid's face is suddenly gone)
  • Reid: Didn't I tell you? Let me handle the silver-haired girl!
  • (As if to answer Reid, the man raises his gun. Orlando steps forward, keeping Kimi and Nikki behind him)
  • Orlando: This man... Hurry, Nikki! Put on your Army uniform; you've got to protect yourself at all costs!


There is no concluding dialogue.